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Happy Reminder

I'm glad to say we have 17 entries so far but we can definitely use more :D You have a day left to enter.

Please do so here if you haven't already ^.^

On another note: Ch. 21 could use a lot more votes. Even if you didn't participate you can still vote. Please do so here
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Hate to be a bother but Icons should be entered by Monday 12am. Thanks. To clear things up the challenge is TWO separate challenges. :)

Enter here

Don't forget to vote here

And just to inform everyone there's a new layout :D
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Voting CH. 21

I'm apologies for my rudeness but I am completely angry at the lack of participation I see in this community.

Here's the Voting For Challenge 21.
Voting Will end on Friday
Please get your votes in before then.
Don't vote for yourself.
Don't tell others to vote for you.
Don't vote for the same icon twice.

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Midweek Reminder

Hey guys did I mention we're back to Monday thru friday Challenges? XD That's right you have 2.5 days to get your icons in for Ch. 21 Pride and Prejudice. We have no entries so far *tears* If this community doesn't get more participation, I'm going to be deleting members (I really don't want to do this). Participation in this community does include voting and posting icons by the way. Many of you have done neither which makes me sad :(

Please enter challenge 21 here. I would really like to see all you guys participating.
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