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Graphix N Words


Grphxnwords is an text icon challenge community. The main focus of each challenge is a theme with some words on the icon. The text doesn't have to be legible, just there. It's kind of the opposite of a HUSH icon community. Thank you and be sure to check out the links below or the userinfo :)


You may post icons here as long as you read the rules. I will be able to tell if you haven't.

Important Links

Current Challenge
Previous Challenges



"For those Text Icons"
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Happy Reminder [March 04, 2006]

[ mood | impressed ]

I'm glad to say we have 17 entries so far but we can definitely use more :D You have a day left to enter.

Please do so here if you haven't already ^.^

On another note: Ch. 21 could use a lot more votes. Even if you didn't participate you can still vote. Please do so here

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Banners Challenge 20 [March 03, 2006]

[ mood | jubilant ]

Here they are :D

Were you born to resistCollapse )

Congratulations and please don't forget to enter challenge 22 :)

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Banners Challenge 19 [March 03, 2006]

[ mood | giggly ]

Sorry these are late XD

Big is in the nowCollapse )

Don't forget challenge 22 :)

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Reminder [March 03, 2006]

[ mood | drained ]

Hate to be a bother but Icons should be entered by Monday 12am. Thanks. To clear things up the challenge is TWO separate challenges. :)

Enter here

Don't forget to vote here

And just to inform everyone there's a new layout :D

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Challenge 22 Color ~ Purple [February 28, 2006]

There's two parts as always the first part your icons have to consist of the designated color the second part the specific quote. Please read the updated Rules in the userinfo and the rules for this under the cut.

Infinity in the palm of your handCollapse )

Good luck!

Deadline: Sunday 11:59pm PST March 5th
Entries: 17
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Voting CH. 21 [February 28, 2006]

[ mood | discontent ]

I'm apologies for my rudeness but I am completely angry at the lack of participation I see in this community.

Here's the Voting For Challenge 21.
Voting Will end on Friday
Please get your votes in before then.
Don't vote for yourself.
Don't tell others to vote for you.
Don't vote for the same icon twice.

Beyond her timeCollapse )

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Winners Ch. 20 [February 28, 2006]

[ mood | angry ]

My deepest apologies.

Read more...Collapse )


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Banner Maker Wanted [February 25, 2006]

[ mood | cranky ]

Hey Guys. I'm in need of a banner maker :) Please fill out the application if you're interested.

Comments are screened

Read more...Collapse )

Please please don't forget to enter Ch. 21

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Extension [February 24, 2006]

[ mood | frustrated ]

Due to lack of entries for Ch. 21 I'm extending it till tomorrow at 11:59 PM PST :D Please get those entries in.

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Midweek Reminder [February 22, 2006]

[ mood | determined ]

Hey guys did I mention we're back to Monday thru friday Challenges? XD That's right you have 2.5 days to get your icons in for Ch. 21 Pride and Prejudice. We have no entries so far *tears* If this community doesn't get more participation, I'm going to be deleting members (I really don't want to do this). Participation in this community does include voting and posting icons by the way. Many of you have done neither which makes me sad :(

Please enter challenge 21 here. I would really like to see all you guys participating.

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Challenge 21 ~ Pride and Prejudice [February 21, 2006]

[ mood | groggy ]

Look Harry Potter's over ;) I really adore this book and both of the movies :D I hope to see more entries.

- 2 icons per part.
- Deadline: Friday Feb 24 11:59PM PST
- Images do not have to be used. They're a push :)
- Entries for the Pride and Prejudice movies must be from the 2005 version or the BBC version.
- You must use 3 or more consecutive words from the quotes.
- The text provided does not have to have images from the movies.
- LJ Standard 100x100 or smaller, 40kb or smaller, .jpg, .gif, .png
- No Animation
- Fresh new icons, no using someone's bases.
- Have fun! :D
Entries: 00

Pictures and QuotesCollapse )

Good Luck! :D

Deadline: Friday, Feb. 24th 11:59pm PST
Entries: --

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Voting Challenge 20 [February 21, 2006]

Here's the Voting For Challenge 20.
Voting Will end on Friday
Please get your votes in before then.
Don't vote for yourself.
Don't tell others to vote for you.
Don't vote for the same icon twice.
Do vote in the Special Icon Category.

12 years of waiting.Collapse )

Voting CLosed
Voting Ends: Friday 24th of Feb 10pm PST
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Winners Challenge 19 [February 21, 2006]

[ mood | sick ]

Sorry these are late. I spaced.

The Heir of SlytherinCollapse )

Banners will be up later.

Challenge 20 voting and Ch. 21 will be up momentarily.

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Hey Guys :) [February 18, 2006]

Hey guys. It's Saturday. I was supposed to post a reminder yesterday but I was tired. You have until Monday 10 PM to get your icons in. We've got 5 entries. I understand the Harry Potter has to stop, but could we at least get some more entries in before it is over?

Click here to enter
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Past Challenges [February 16, 2006]

[ mood | productive ]

Here's a post with all the challenges from previous times. Just to let you know I've updated the userinfo and made a simple layout. :)

ChallengesCollapse )

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Banners Challenge 18 [February 15, 2006]

[ mood | satisfied ]

Here are your banners for Challenge 18. Yes, I have a thing for plaid. :) The plaid credit goes to dearest. Yes I got lazy XD But I tried something new and I like these in a way :)

Plaid is cuteCollapse )

Again don't forget Challenge 20 :)

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Reminder [February 15, 2006]

[ mood | cold ]

Yes I know it's only Wednesday but I'm going to try and remind everyone more than once (and not at the last minute) that Challenge 20 is up :)

Please enter here

Don't forget to vote in Challenge 19 either :D

Pluggage: accio_challenge djr_challenge and accio_lims

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Challenge 20 ~ Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban [February 13, 2006]

[ mood | excited ]

I like this movie very much and this song very much. :) I hope you all like this challenge better than the last. :D

+ 2 Icons each part
+ Livejournal standards 100x100 or less .gif, .jpg, or .png
+ You don't have to use the images below :)
+ 3 or more words for lyric icons

Remember to post icons like so:


Pics and LyricsCollapse )

Deadline: Feb. 20 @ 10 PM PST (later because I work now)
Entries: 13

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Voting Challenge 19 [February 13, 2006]

Don't vote for yourself.
Don't tell others to which ones are yours.
Don't post your icon anywhere (this includes using it)
Don't vote for the same icon twice.

Muggles aren't really used to seeing flying a car.Collapse )
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Winners Challenge 18 [February 13, 2006]

[ mood | irritated ]

Here are the winners for Challenge 18 :) Banners will be late.

It's not really the skyCollapse )

Challenge 20 will be up momentarily along with voting for challenge 19.

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