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theme 27: obsession
Interpet this theme anyway you'd like.

1. You must be a member to enter.
2. The icons cannot be textless.
3. Most challenges will have it's own set of guidelines. Just remember TEXT.
4. Remember Livejournal icon standard.
100x100, 40k, JPG, GIF, or PNG.
5. You may enter icons smaller than 100x100.
6. Please, make a new, refreshing icon for each challenge.
7. Do not use someone elses bases either. That's cheating or not doing all the work.
8. Putting your name in the file of the icon is CHEATING. Don't do it.
9. You may only post your icon entered in the challenge after winners of that challenge is announced.
10. Please remember to put your icon(s) URL under your icon.It won't be submitted if you forget.
12. Advertising on your site to vote for icons at the site is okay, but don't tell them which are your icons. You will be banned for this.
13. As of now, NO ANIMATION is allowed.
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