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Voting Challenge 10 [20 Nov 2005|09:44am]
Okay I was waiting for nine at least, but eight's good. I would really like some suggestions if you guys are having trouble with the challenges I put up. I couldn't allow an icon because there was no text v.v

Voting goes as follows:

Sadness is only overcome with happinessCollapse )

Voting Ends Monday at 6pm.
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Challenge 11 - Color Theme ~ Orange [20 Nov 2005|10:38am]
I saw this challenge at natalieicontest and I loved the entries!
The theme is the color orange. Your icon must have some text and the color orange incorporated into the icon.

Rules and ExamplesCollapse )

Deadline: December 2 6pm PST
Entries: 4

Plug: natalieicontest and hp_oscars
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